Support and Donations

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We live on the largest fresh water system in the world and without clean, healthy water our community will not be able to thrive. Our Great Lakes are not only essential to human vitality; they support the fourth largest economy in the world. Please consider contributing so that we can continue to protect and restore our water, a critical resource that impacts each and every resident of Buffalo Niagara.

Your support allows us to continue to be successful in revitalizing our watershed and making sure that we collectively have access to healthy water.

You can donate online by clicking the button below:

To make a donation by mail, send a check to:

Buffalo Niagara WATERKEEPER

721 Main St.

Buffalo, NY 14203

Donate on Behalf of Someone

Give on behalf of someone for the holiday season! CLICK HERE to download the Donation Certificate to let them know you have made a donation to BN WATERKEEPER on their behalf.

Donating Securities

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper accepts financial gifts including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Please consult with your financial adviser about the tax benefits of contributed securities. BN WATERKEEPER will provide you with a receipt to document the value of the contribution and the necessary details for IRS purposes.  For more information please contact Kelly Mayer, Director of Finance and Operations, at 852-7483 ext 18 or

In-Kind Donations

We recognize and appreciate that everyone gives in their own way.  While BN WATERKEEPER always needs monetary donations to complete the work we do, we are also in need of in-kind donations. Our needs are ever-changing, so please contact us directly if you have an item you would like to donate. Items we may be able to use include: new software and technology (tablets), office supplies, easels, podium, outdoor gear, printing services, passenger van, and cargo van. (We have limited storage capacity, so we may not be able to accept all donations). Please contact Joy Knowlton, Operations Manager, at 852-7483 ext 10 or BN WATERKEEPER will provide you with a receipt to use toward a tax write off if it is an item we can use.

Thank you for your support!