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Water Reporter is an app created for citizen scientists to share their valuable findings with local experts.

Share your Citizen Science through the Water Reporter App

1. Download the Water Reporter App to your smart phone or tablet. The app is free!

* Apple –
* Google Play –
* Computer Version –



2. Sign-up for an account. Join our organization during the on-boarding process. Search for Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper. You should see our name and logo.

3. When you’re outside, especially near a waterway, take a picture and create a post in Water Reporter. What should you take photos of? Here are a few suggestions. You can also use the #hashtags listed.

* Did you see some wildlife creatures? #wildlife
* There is plastic trash and debris near the waterway. #plasticpollution
* The water color is different than usual. #waterquality
* A non-native plant species or animal is in or near a waterway. #invasivespecies
* The shoreline of the waterway is hardened with rocks, steel or other manmade material. #HardenedShoreline
* The shoreline of the waterway has a gentle slope and lots of plantlife. #LivingShoreline
* How does the community use this waterway? Do people swim, paddle, boat, fish or enjoy the view? #Recreation
* There is a Combined Sewer Overflow or a sign that indicates an outfall pipe. #wnyCSO
* The bank of the waterway is falling away into the water. #Erosion
* There is an expansive growth of green algae or a possible Harmful Algal Bloom #AlgaeBloom

4. Tag @bnwaterkeeper in your post and select the location your photo was taken.

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