Eighteenmile Creek

What is Eighteenmile Creek? 

A richly diverse ecosystem, the headwaters of Eighteenmile Creek are a precious resource for our region: they produce, filter, and contribute to local drinking water. Within this creek system, there is a 230-acre community forest hidden within a larger 1,000-acre matrix of protected lands.  This unique and precious resource provides habitats, home to 158 species of birds, over 31 species of trees, 14 species of shrubs, 113 species of herbs, and various mosses, fungi and ferns, and exemplifies how beautiful and complex our natural areas are. To learn more about Buffalo Niagara WATERKEEPER’s research about this land, we invite you to read the

Niagara River Habitat Conservation Strategy Project Overview

In 2015, Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper  developed a unique partnership with The Nature Conservancy and Erie County Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry to protect this land for perpetuity. Together with our partners, and generous support from individual donors and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, we were able to raise the necessary funds to acquire this property and transform it into an Erie County park.