Scajaquada Creek

Current Work Underway

Stream Visual Assessment

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper conducted a stream visual assessment of the entire portion of Scajaquada Creek falling within Forest Lawn Cemetery in August. The effort was conducted in an effort to provide information to the Forest Lawn Heritage Foundation about the physical conditions within the stream channel. The assessment of conditions will be used to guide future decisions on dredging relative to the stabilization of infrastructure within the cemetery, including the retaining walls, bridges, and bridge abutments.

Also, green infrastructure for the CSO 60 demonstration project is proving to be successful at capturing measurable amounts of stormwater.

Background Information
Over 94,000 people live within the Scajaquada Creek Watershed in five communities including:  City of Buffalo, Town of Cheektowaga, Town of Lancaster, Village of Lancaster and Village of Depew. The watershed is a mix of urban and residential development. The Creek originates in in Lancaster, flow through or is tunneled under, five communities before it empties into the Niagara River. The Creek suffers from a multitude of environmental problems including: lack of public access within under-served urban areas, poor aesthetic conditions, combined sewer overflows, legacy contamination, excess sedimentation, altered hydrology, the need for flood management, lack of recreational opportunities, and poor habitat conditions.

Waterkeeper is engaging a diverse team of stakeholders through the Scajaquada Creek Initiative to create a Restoration Strategy for the Creek and surrounding communities. The Strategy will prioritize the action steps needed to mitigate the multitude of environmental problems to restore water quality for Scajaquada Creek. Rivekeeper is working with many partners to create a consensus-based Strategy that will build upon previous work, coordinate the various efforts, combine and leverage resources to ultimately implement restoration solutions.