Broderick Park

About this Project

Broderick Park is a potential jewel in the City of Buffalo’s park system: located on the southern end of Squaw Island, with primary access from the foot of West Ferry Street, it is steeped in international, national, and local history, including, perhaps most significantly, its association with the Underground Railroad.  Today, Broderick Park is a popular local attraction along the Niagara River enjoyed by people for various leisure and recreation opportunities.

Mayor Byron Brown made a strong commitment to the revitalization of Broderick Park, and in collaboration with Buffalo Niagara WATERKEEPER, the citizen-based Friends of Broderick Park, and Buffalo Quarters, the City of Buffalo has developed a Master Plan for an enhanced park that celebrates the Ferry District’s history, especially that associated with the Underground Railroad. Over the past year the consultant team has worked diligently for WATERKEEPER and the City of Buffalo and incorporated input from the citizen-based Friends of Broderick Park, Buffalo Quarters Historical Society, and the general public to develop a master plan for the Park that memorializes the unique local history associated with the Underground Railroad. See the Plan below.

Buffalo Niagara WATERKEEPER received funding from the New York State Department of State under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund, which complements funding provided by the City of Buffalo to hire a consultant to develop the Master Plan that was developed for a construction budget of over $1 million.  Concurrently, the United States Army Corps of Engineers performed a habitat study along the eastern and western seawalls to better understand the existing conditions of the shoreline.

The ongoing Friends of Broderick Park meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend.  For more information on the next Friends of Broderick Park meeting, please contact Whitney Crispell at

Broderick Park Master Plan Updates, News, and Notes

To date, in addition to a series of ‘visioning sessions’ conducted by WATERKEEPER in collaboration with Friends of Broderick Park and the Buffalo Quarters, there have been 3 Advisory Committee meetings and two public meetings, all with the Consultant Team.

The Consultant Team developed a master plan born of various previous plans presented to the Advisory Committee that conceptually defines the ‘bones’, or foundation, for improvements.  The plan proposed additional green space, a re-worked parking layout, an enhanced concession area, an amphitheater and performance plaza, a new family gathering area and shelter, a great lawn and large event space, a contemplative garden, a ‘Freedom Walk’ to be incorporated throughout the site, and a re-routing of the Riverwalk to create safe separation of activities that enhance both the popular angling area and the multi-modal trailway on the west side of the park.

The first Public Meeting was held on March 21, 2012 at the Belle Center.  The purpose of this meeting was to inform the general public about recent proceedings and to encourage the public to offer suggestions, concerns and input on a proposed concept for the Broderick Park Master Plan.  Public comments were considered, and the July 12th public meeting will provide the opportunity for the public to see the final plan.

Construction Underway at Broderick Park

Construction is underway and Broderick Park is on its way to becoming another invaluable asset to our city. Serving as a memorial to the Underground Railroad, this extensive reconstruction will include a stage, an amphitheater, gardens and improved walkways allowing us all to enjoy our waterfront in a beautiful setting.

Underground Railroad Commemoration Event at Broderick Park

“Crossing to Freedom Together, Honoring Our Ancestors” on September 13th and 14th honored Ms. Lillion Batchelor & the Buffalo Quarters Historical Society.  Mrs. Batchelor is known for staging re-enactments of African-Americans crossing the Niagara River to gain freedom in Canada.  The commemoration also served to re-dedicate Broderick Park in its newly built amphitheatre and refurbished riverwalk. The Underground Railroad Task Force honored Buffalo Niagara WATERKEEPER’s dedication to Broderick Park as well. With park improvements almost complete, this was great opportunity to see this park activated with an important piece of local history!

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