Buffalo River Wildlife Survey

A Wildlife Survey of the Lower Buffalo River Area of Concern, Buffalo, Erie County, New York. The primary objective of this project is to develop a baseline assessment of the current abundance, diversity, and relative distribution of three vertebrate faunal assemblages (herpetofauna, avifauna, and mammals) within the Lower Buffalo River Area of Concern (AOC). The data collected, survey design and methods will aid in valuing ongoing and future efforts to improve ecosystem health within the AOC via comparative analysis.

Buffalo River Wildlife Survey Report Body

Appendix 1_MAPS

Appendix 2_QAPP

Appendix 3_Survey Data Sheets

Appendix 4_NYSDEC Permit

Appendix 5_Survey Effort

Appendix 6_Bird Species List

Appendix 7_Bat Survey Report

Appendix 8_Original Data Sheets

Appendix 9_BiMonthly Reports

Appendix 10_Field Notes and Bird Codes

Appendix 11_Reviewers Comments