Buffalo Color Peninsula


The Project consists of the construction of riparian slope restoration and invasive species management, and in-water habitat plantings and feature construction at two separate sites located within the Buffalo River. In addition to the importation of substrate and the planting of emergent vegetation and submerged aquatic vegetation, the Project also includes the installation of in-water habitat features including rootwad chains, boom log chain system, and rootwad crib feature. Additionally, the Buffalo Motor and Generator Corporation portion of the Project will include the removal of invasive plant species and construction of vegetated upland and riparian habitat.

Update - July 20, 2017
Crews spent several days cutting down the knotweed and grubbing the site; removing 4 dumpsters worth of plants and debris for proper disposal. Work will continue on the site over the next month and will include adding a rootwad chain in the water along the entire parcel (for Submerged Aquatic Vegetation and Emergent Vegetation protection), planting of SAV/EV, upland riparian plantings, and more.


240 linear feet of shoreline; 0.27 acres


Professional Design Consultant: Anchor QEA

Buffalo Motor and Generator Corporation is located  at  175 Ohio Street, Buffalo NY, 14023
A sunken, wooden dock will be re-purposed to provide habitat and hiding spots for fish and other aquatic life just northeast of the Michigan Avenue lift bridge across from RiverWorks. Plans include the removal of horizontal beams on the old dock to be replaced by interlocking root wads and stones that create in-water habitat for nearly three dozen fish species, including bass and perch. Other work includes removal of invasive Japanese knotweed and implementation of a wide array of native plant species along the shoreline and into the water.
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