CSO 60 Demonstration Project

Project Updates:

A recent press event was held to demonstrate the effectiveness of the porous asphalt on Clarendon Street. Water was dumped from a concrete truck to show how much water permeates the surface preventing water from over burdening our combined sewer system.


Porous asphalt was installed on Clarendon Place. See below pictures taken on a wet-weather day showing how the porous asphalt performs compared to a typical street. The porous surface keeps extra water from over burdening our sewer system.

Porous asphalt also performs in winter weather conditions. Slush and snow melt infiltrates, keeping roadways drier ( and boots cleaner). See below image:

Rain gardens have been installed on Parkdale Avenue. See images below:

Elmwood Ave  bioretention planters are installed and working! These planters are working to retain water before it over burdens our sewer system. See images below:

Windsor Avenue rain garden plantings have been installed. See images below:

About the Project:
The Buffalo Sewer Authority, in collaboration with Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper, is currently implementing a Green Infrastructure demonstration project within a combined sewer overflow sewershed (known as CSO 60) that outfalls into Scajaquada Creek near Hoyt Lake at Delaware Park. CSOs are caused by excessive stormwater flowing through a combined sewer system, the release of which into our waterways causes pollution.  This project seeks to reduce and eventually eliminate overflow events by implementing and evaluating innovative “green” infrastructure applications (i.e. porous asphalt, rain gardens and downspout disconnections) in an effort that will capture and infiltrate stormwater on what will be known as the City of Buffalo’s first ‘green streets’.

Download the Green Infrastructure Demonstration  Area Map

Parkdale Avenue Rain Gardens
Parkdale Avenue – Presentation Board

Elmwood Avenue Bioretention Planters
Elmwood Ave – Presentation Board

Windsor Avenue Rain Gardens
Windsor Ave_- Presentation Board

Clarendon Place Pervious Pavement
Clarendon Place – Presentation Board

Project Overview
Residential Areas Presentation Board

Download the Green Street Demonstration Project Fact Sheet here.