Long Term Control Plan

30Buffalo Sewer Authority Announces Plan to Reduce Combined Sewer Overflows

Waterkeeper Advocates for Green Infrastructure Solutions to Our Combined Sewer Problem

The Buffalo Sewer Authority (BSA) has proposed a Draft Long Term Control Plan (LTCP) for the reduction of combined sewer overflows (CSOs) associated with the City’s Sewer System. CSOs occur when precipitation-related flows overwhelm the sewer system causing untreated sewage to be discharged into area waterways. The BSA is conducting its third round of community outreach meetings at various locations throughout the City of Buffalo to seek input on its proposed LTCP.
Waterkeeper has been working hard to ensure meaningful, timely inclusion of Green Infrastructure in the BSA’s LTCP. Review our comments: BSA LTCP Comments 5-14-12
Community meetings have been held and the BSA submitted its Long Term Control Plan (LTCP) for the abatement of combined sewer overflows in accordance with the Administrative Order issued by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The public comment period has closed. The final BSA’s LTCP will be posted on the BSA’s website. For more information please visit:

To learn more about and to download the Long Term Control Plan visit: