Buffalo River Greenway

In conjunction with the City of Buffalo, Waterkeeper is developing an implementable action plan to make the Buffalo River Greenway a reality!

The Buffalo River Greenway is described in the City of Buffalo Draft Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan (LWRP) as a “multi-purpose open space corridor and trail system designed to improve access and management of the river’s recreational, cultural and ecological assets.” Recommendations made through the planning process may include:

  • Site and facility improvements to enhance recreation and access to the Buffalo River
  • Opportunities for fishing, boating docks and scenic viewing of the river
  • Signage, wayfinding and branding of the Buffalo River
  • Cultural, industrial and heritage interpretation potentials’

At this meeting, we will review maps of the existing greenway to identify any gaps in information. We will also provide an overview of the last Greenway Plan document, Waterkeeper’s existing findings report of current and past planning documents, and provide context of how this work fits wihin the larger context of other planning work being conducted. This work includes

  • the City’s Zoning Code Update
  • Work of the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation
  • The Buffalo River Brownfield Opportunity Area
  • individual project plans and proposals