Public Health and Environmental Justice

The Public Health and Environmental Justice Team at Buffalo Niagara WATERKEEPER works to educate residents of Western New York on the risks of eating polluted fish from local waterways through outreach and events.

In partnership with Jericho Road Ministries, this program has produced innovative and simplified public health materials in numerous languages and has conducted extensive outreach to at-risk communities who depend on local fish as a food source. Continue reading to learn more about our program, to see or download our public health materials, or to read our FAQ.

Download Booklets:

English Pocket Book – Eat Locally Caught Fish in a Healthy Way!
Burmese Pocket Book – Let’s Eat Locally Caught Fish in a Healthy Way!


Western New York has some of the best freshwater fishing in the world. Fishing is a fun and relaxing activity and an affordable way to feed your family. However, Western New York has a long history of pollution that has made some of these fish harmful to eat.

Fish caught from some rivers and lakes in Western New York are polluted with harmful chemicals. When we eat polluted fish, the chemicals in their bodies can pass to our bodies and build up over time. Eating a lot of polluted fish may be bad for our health.

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To Learn More:  Talk to your doctor if you have any health questions or concerns.

For more information about the program contact:

Wendy Paterson
(716) 852-7483 Extension 26