Scajaquada Creek: Addressing Shoreline Stability and Hydraulic Impacts on Infrastructure

Scajaquada Creek:  Addressing Shoreline Stability and Hydraulic Impacts on InfrastructureIn 2013, Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper (Waterkeeper) undertook an effort to support the Forest Lawn Heritage Foundation in their investigation of capital improvements to existing bridges, abutments and retaining walls (herein referred to as infrastructure) spanning Scajaquada Creek within Forest Lawn Cemetery. Through establishment of a unique partnership, Waterkeeper, Forest Lawn Heritage Foundation and the United States Army Corps of Engineers worked collaboratively to conduct field assessments of Scajaquada Creek habitat and water quality parameters, establish a baseline set of habitat and water flow conditions to measure threats to infrastructure stability, analyze probabilities for flood event occurrences within the lower Scajaquada watershed, establish a water budget between  Forest Lawn Cemetery and the downstream Hoyt Lake, develop surface and subsurface water flow models of the lower Scajaquada Creek watershed and facilitate a Scajaquada Creek Working Group to  coordinate and build support among all stakeholders of the watershed.

Beyond the immediate impact and utility of the results for Forest Lawn Cemetery in planning for future  restoration and stabilization needs, the completed studies directly support the goals of the Niagara River Remedial Action  Plan by contributing critical baseline information to three beneficial use impairments; Degradation of Fish and Wildlife Populations, Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat and Restrictions on Dredging Beneficial Use Impairments (BUIs). As a documented source for contaminated sediment contribution to the Niagara River, understanding the hydrologic flow regimes, sediment transport  patterns and resulting habitat conditions within Scajaquada Creek and Forest Lawn Cemetery is crucial to the region’s ability to implement long-term recovery efforts within the Niagara River Area Of Concern (AOC).

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