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Broderick Park

Located at the foot of West Ferry Street on the scenic Niagara River, Broderick Park is steeped in history, most notably as a major terminus of the Underground Railroad between the United States and Canada.

Today, Broderick Park is a popular spot along the water, enjoyed by people for various leisure and recreation opportunities. The park pays tribute to the people who crossed the water from that point to freedom in Canada and is listed as a designated Network to Freedom site by the U.S. National Parks Service.

Friends of Broderick Park
The “Friends of Broderick Park” group are the stewards of Broderick Park. For over a decade, the Friends of Broderick Park have worked to develop the park into a destination for family, culture and community. Their goal is to restore and transform the park into a welcoming and accessible greenspace that shares its history. Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper is proud support Friends of Broderick Park to amplify the history, enhance the beauty, and encourage our community to enjoy everything Broderick Park can offer.
In 2022, the Friends of Broderick Park unveiled a new mural “The Road to Freedom” by Gino Morrow II, which pays tribute to Harriet Tubman and her journey leading enslaved people north along the Underground Railroad.
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Fishing at the Park
Broderick Park is a popular fishing destination. If you or anyone you know fishes at Broderick Park, familiarize yourself with or share our fish consumption guidelines.


Fishing Consumption Guide

Friends of Broderick Park
Buffalo Quarters
City of Buffalo
Mayor Byron Brown
Park Improvements
In 2012, the City of Buffalo and Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper, with significant input from Buffalo Quarters Historical Society and Friends of Broderick Park, developed a master plan for the Park that memorializes the unique local history associated with the Underground Railroad.
In 2013 and 2014, the park was renovated to create additional green space, revised parking facilities, an enhanced concession area, an amphitheater and performance plaza, a new family gathering area and shelter, a great lawn and large event space, a contemplative garden, a ‘Freedom Walk’ incorporated throughout the site, and a re-routing of the Riverwalk to create safe separation of activities that enhanced both the popular angling area and the multi-modal trailway on the west side of the park. Learn more by clicking here.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers constructed a novel fish passage structure along the seawall at Broderick Park. Click here to view the news release.
News & Events

2013 | "Crossing to Freedom Together, Honoring Our Ancestors"

Commemoration honoring Ms. Lillion Batchelor (known for staging re-enactments of African-Americans crossing the Niagara River to gain freedom in Canada) and the Buffalo Quarters Historical Society. Also served to rededicate Broderick Park in its newly built amphitheater and refurbished riverwalk. The Underground Railroad Task Force honored Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper’s dedication to Broderick Park as well. With park improvements almost complete, this was great opportunity to see this park activated with an important piece of local history!

2018 | Fish Consumption Signage

Supplemental grant funding allowed Waterkeeper to design and install informational signage at a rich shore fishing spot where many people fish to feed their families. The sign is supplemental to Waterkeeper’s larger fish consumption campaign which consists of multi-language publications and translator-based outreach to help individuals make the best fish consumption decisions for their families and to celebrate our fishery.

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