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SAVE THE DATE: Our Spring Sweep 2023, part of the Great Lakes Cleanup, is on Earth Day, April 22, 10am-12pm. Check back soon for registration. Take a look at our Solo Sweep page to sweep any day that works for you! To learn more about our waterway cleanups, refer to our frequently asked questions here.

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Cleanups 2023


SAVE THE DATE: Spring Sweep 2023, part of the Great Lakes Cleanup, will be April 22, 10am-12pm. Registration coming soon. Sign the Solo Sweep pledge today! We officially launched our digital data collection efforts by using the Clean Swell App which directly connects the information we collect here locally to the Ocean Conservancy’s largest marine debris database in the world, TIDES. This allows our data to be instantly accessible and helps to support our work to address the root causes of litter pollution here locally and globally.

We completed our 2022 Spring Sweep in April of this year and it was a huge success! The Sweep is also part of the Great Lakes CleanUP, a week long trash removal effort created in partnership with 18 other groups and organizations from around the Great Lakes basin. In WNY, cleanup sites were throughout the Niagara River Watershed for volunteers to work collectively with folks around the basin to stop thousands of pounds of litter from polluting our waterways. The Great Lakes is the drinking water resource for over 40 million people and we are excited to lead this region-wide stewardship event.

Cleanup pro tip: bring your own bucket to save on a trash bag and make data collection a breeze!

Past Sweeps
Thank you again to all our 2022 Sweep volunteers! Take the solo sweep pledge to continue to make an impact.
Plastic pollution is negatively impacting our water – locally and globally. Our sweeps are one important way to protect our waterways. Learn how to reduce your single-use plastic consumption by following us on social media.
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Don’t trash our waterways! Learn more about the plastic bag ban and how to create your own t-shirt bag.
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