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As Persistent As the Water We Protect

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper
Guardians of Western New York’s fresh water for 35 years.

Our Impact Runs Deep

Protecting Our Great Lakes State

As a state with not just one, but two Great Lakes shorelines, it is vital we work to protect our freshwater resources here in NYS.

Restoring Polluted Waters

Eliminating pollution from our waterways is critical to our work.

Connecting Humans to Water

We encourage all those who can, to get involved in protecting our precious waterways through region-wide cleanup efforts and community outreach programs.  

Inspiring Climate Resiliency 

Climate change is real, and it is impacting our freshwater resources here in WNY. We are working with partners across the state to ensure clean water is key in decision-making.

Where We Make It

Explore our freshwater initiatives directly impacting our region’s two Great Lakes, two mighty rivers, our connecting creeks, and our sourcewater streams.

Your Impact Runs the Deepest

Volunteer to become a Water Steward.

Many Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper projects and programs depend on valued volunteers dedicated to doing what’s necessary to keep our fresh water clean, accessible, and hospitable.

Support Our Waters
Reconnect to Water 

Join the water advocates, wildlife and fishing enthusiasts, scientists, nature lovers, boaters, kayakers, and all those who recognize clean water as a fundamental right by joining The Ripple Effect.

Enjoy Life on the Buffalo Blueway 

Plan your next adventure along the winding and historic Buffalo River where you can bike, stroll, run or paddle the day away.

Plan Your Trip
Restore & Explore with Our Resources

Read, download and discover helpful resources that help restore our ecosystem through educational booklets, maps and guides, programs, reports, and more!

View All Resources
Conserve and Reduce With Rain barrels

Learn more how rain barrels can conserve water and reduce stormwater runoff into our waterways.

Rain Barrels
Don’t Let Pollution Go Unnoticed

Report pollution or water quality issues with Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper staff so we can continue to safeguard our waterways.

Learn How to Report a Concern Here
Our Latest News

While we love research and education, the real differences are made by getting back into nature and fulfilling our guardianship of Western New York’s fresh water. Take a look at some of our most recent project highlights.


Check out our podcast, Between Two Great Lakes! We’ll use the show to highlight restoration efforts, additional access points to our waterways and our advocacy plans to inspire change.

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