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Water Quality & Testing

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper works to identify water quality threats and improve water quality in Western New York. 

Our long-standing water quality monitoring program, Riverwatch, and other staff led water quality data collection efforts provides a regular stream of data and information allowing us to maintain a strong understanding of our local waterways conditions and threats. This data is used to educate volunteers, community members, and elected officials and advocate for water quality improvements.

Water Quality Data Collection Efforts

Niagara River Watershed Water Quality Data

Riverwatch volunteers collect baseline water quality data each year at sites throughout the Niagara River Watershed. Explore the data collected, as well as locations of Combined Sewer Outfalls and more on the map below. Click ‘Show map details’ for symbol descriptions. Use the + and – symbols in the bottom right corner of the map to zoom in and out. Click on a symbol for more information. Here is a direct link to the map, too.

Plastic Pollution

Harmful Algal Blooms

Baseline Water Chemistry

Bacterial Monitoring & Sewage Overflows

PFAS Surface Water Monitoring

Spill Response

Accidental releases of hazardous materials have the potential to endanger public health and contaminate groundwater, surface water, and soils.

NYS DEC Spill Hotline:
Internal Contact:
Elizabeth Cute
Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper

Water Quality Resources

Riverwatch Data
Invasive Species Guide
Native Plant Guide
Swim Guide
Water Reporter
Drinking Water FAQ
Water Safety
DEC Info Locator
Buffalo Rain Check
Great Lakes Data Stream
The Riverwatch report is an educational tool providing information about water quality in the Western New York region. Included in this report:
  • Baseline water quality data collected by citizen scientists
  • Bacteria data collected
  • Information regarding ongoing and emerging sources of pollution
  • Solutions to ongoing pollution
  • Ways to get involved with Waterkeeper to help further our mission

Past Water Quality Reports

Other Advocacy Focus Areas

NY Is a Great Lakes State

Climate and Coastal Resiliency

Leverage Funding for Community Impact