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June 2023

-Another Voice: Our waterways and communities are drowning in plastic pollution
Buffalo News; June 4 (written by Brian Smith and Jill Jedlicka)
From the column:

The proposed bill, which has received diverse support from agencies, community groups and businesses, has been years in development. In that time, the plastic problem has only gotten worse. For example, at Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper’s recent Spring Sweep, more than 1,500 volunteers collected 9 tons of trash from 40 sites along our waterways and shorelines in two hours. Over 80% of the litter was plastic, including more than 4,000 plastic food wrappers, more than 2,700 plastic bottles, and countless other cups and containers.


-Our Waterways and Communities are Drowning in Plastic Pollution
Buffalo Rising; June 5


May 2023

A waterway that’s been abused and ignored for decades is getting attention
Buffalo News; May 7
From the editorial:

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper, which will be using these funds to start a comprehensive cleanup of Scajaquada Creek, has its work cut out. Given its success with the Buffalo River, though, if any organization can take on such a Herculean task, this one can.


-Tonawanda Nation, environmentalists speak out against STAMP
Orleans Hub; May 12
From the article:

Margaux Valenti, attorney for the Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper, said STAMP sits in an important area for biodiversity and the region’s ecological health.

“You’re setting this area up for disaster,” she said. “This is a grave threat to endangered species.”


-Grant awarded to help Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper monitor waterways
Buffalo News; May 20

-Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper to receive federal help for Lake Erie
WGRZ/Channel 2; May 19


-$480,000 for Lake Erie protection programs led by Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper
Niagara Frontier Publications; May 19
From the story:

“It is Waterkeeper’s intention to utilize these resources to expand our scientific knowledge on the continuing water quality impairments, and to turn that expertise into action to restore the health and resiliency of our Great Lakes community.”


-Buffalo Sewer urged to stop treating landfill wastewater
WIVB/Channel 4; May 22
From the story:

“The governments aren’t testing this,” Jedlicka said. “Nobody’s done this before, and the results were staggering. Here in Western New York, we discovered a 100% hit rate — every waterway that we tested had some form of PFOS chemical in it.”

Jedlicka said the situation has not reached a panic stage, but more action is needed.

“But these are all signals telling us that we need to act, and we need to act now, before this becomes a problem that is completely out of our control,” Jedlicka said.


-How SCOTUS decision that dealt setback to Clean Water Act could impact WNY, Great Lakes
WIVB/Channel 4; May 26
From the story

“There is absolutely a concern that this decision will negatively impact our Great Lakes and our local waterways,” Margaux Valenti, legal director for Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper, said. “This case discounts the importance of wetlands on an ecological basis, which lay people also have trouble understanding unless you are a hydrologist or an ecologist,” Valenti said. “And it enables just what you can see with your eye to be the only thing that is protectible, and that just doesn’t make scientific sense.”


April 2023

-Buffalo naturalist lives and defines the wonder of Niagara for PBS special
Buffalo News; April 19


-Federal taxpayer money will help with Scajaquada Creek cleanup planning
WGRZ/Channel 2; April 21
From the story:

“Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper Jill Jedlicka says, ‘It means that we will have the information, the roadmap to actually do the restoration project.’”


-$900K will go toward initiative to restore Scajaquada Creek
Buffalo News; April 21

-Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper embarks upon annual Earth Day ‘Spring Sweep’
Buffalo Rising; April 21

-Effort to restore Scajaquada Creek to receive hundreds of thousands in federal funding
WKBW/Channel 7; April 21

-A mixed report for Earth Day, but definitely progress

Buffalo News; April 22
From the editorial:

This is the second year for Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper’s Earth Day-timed Great Lakes Cleanup/Spring Sweep. While greenhouse gas reduction efforts could be moving at a brisker pace, there’s nothing to complain about in regard to the progress made by this hard-working environmental organization. Under BNW’s guidance, there has been continued improvement of the Buffalo River’s ability to support fish, and wildlife and the viability of its shoreline habitat, to the point where a federal “beneficial use impairment” designation is close to being removed.

Over the last two years, thanks to BNW and like-minded neighboring organizations, more than 75 tons of litter were directly removed from Great Lakes waterways. This year’s Earth Day efforts will likely remove 15-20 more tons of trash from dozens of local waterway shorelines, from Cayuga Creek in Niagara Falls to Wanakah Beach in Hamburg.

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper’s executive director, Jill Jedlicka, is cautiously optimistic, but cites ongoing concerns: “We have made great progress in very specific locations and waterways, but we do have a trend in the wrong direction with PFAS contamination, which is everywhere; we have a lot of stuff flowing into our waterways that shouldn’t be.” PFAS are per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, also known as “forever chemicals.”

But on the Buffalo River, she is confident: “After 30 years of restoration, we are on track to remove the river from the EPA’s Area of Concern list entirely by 2025.”


-Waterkeeper hosts 3rd annual Spring Sweep
Buffalo State College Bengal News


-Billions of gallons of sewage still flow into Buffalo’s rivers. Can the sewer authority keep up?
Buffalo News; April 30
From the story:

“Whenever it rains or there’s a snowmelt, we know there’s an overflow. It’s pretty much a given,” said Jill Spisiak Jedlicka, executive director of Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper, which keeps tabs on water pollution and water quality in the region.


-How are combined sewer overflows measured? It’s complicated
Buffalo News; April 30
From the story:

“But clean water advocates such as Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper Executive Director Jill Spisiak Jedlicka said they want to see better data spelling out more precisely when a combined sewer overflow happens, how much sewage overflows into waterways, and the changes in those numbers over time.

“They should be able to tell you with some numbers and with some volumes, not just say, ‘Yeah, it’s getting better,’” said Jedlicka. “We have asked for that kind of information, but we get the anecdotes, we don’t get the data, we don’t get the volume. They have the numbers available to them. It’s just not packaged in a way that’s shareable to the public.


February 2023

-Island students participate in environmental summit
WNY Papers; Feb. 18

-Great Lakes Untamed
Buffalo Rising; Feb. 24

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