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School Programs

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper trains and educates the community in environmental science, environmental justice, and Stewardship while connecting people to water, creating a new generation of guardians working to improve water quality and create equitable public access.

For additional information, or with questions please contact Liz Cute at 716.852.7483, ext. 23 or

Program Offerings

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper staff can teach a variety of lessons in the classroom, outdoors, or virtually to strengthen the connection and awareness of local waterway resources and issues.

Lessons can be adapted to meet different grade levels and include a hands-on activity or props. We are also open to leading field trips throughout the Niagara River Watershed.

Our staff also are often present at school activity or career fairs. If your school is planning that type of event or something similar and would like a representative from Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper to attend, please reach out to us well in advance.

Middle and High School Education

Environmental Justice

The Past, Present, and Future of Love Canal: A Look at Environmental Justice – Lesson
Environmental Justice in Your Environment – Lesson Series
Freedom Seekers – Lesson

Career Readiness

Preparing for a Career in Science – Video Series
Building your first resume – Video
BNW staff career stories – Video
Career Journeys – Video
Career Planning Tools – Video
Environmental Professionals Panel – Video
Thinking About Life After High School – Video

Ecology & Environment

Headwaters – Lesson
Road Salt and Water Quality – Activity
Harmful Algal Blooms – Video
Harmful Algal Blooms – Lesson
What is a Sewershed? – Info sheet
What is a Watershed – Activity Sheet
Know your watershed – Activity
Conservation Biology Lab
Wetlands – Mapping Activity
Shoreline in our Watershed – Video
Introduction to Hyde Park and Gill Creek – Video
Niagara River WildLIFE Assignment – Lesson
Sewage and You – Lesson
Ecology and Environment – Video
Living Shorelines – Lesson
Erie Canal Adventure- Unlocking the Waterway Wonders

Stewardship & Living Infrastructure

Litter in the Niagara River Watershed – Lesson
Remote Stewardship Resources
How to Plant a Tree – Video
Stormwater Runoff and Rain Barrels – Video
Youth Stewardship Program Lesson Series
Make your own T-shirt Bag – Video
Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper Publications
To view water quality reports, invasive species and native plant guides, Fish Consumption booklets, and more please visit:

These materials have really perked up what would be an otherwise monotonous online program this year!!!

Meghan H.High School Science Teacher