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Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper’s projects and programs are only made possible by the support of our donors and funders. These programs change lives and benefit our whole community.

The warmth of the sun and its gleam on our waterways makes it easy to forget the extreme weather we’ve experienced in the past few years in other seasons. But the impacts to our shorelines are a stark reminder of the need to build resiliency now and protect our communities and our families. We are grateful to have had your past support to do just that, and we are writing today in the hope it can continue.

As with most environmental challenges we’ve faced over the last 35 years of our existence, Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper is working toward a holistic plan with nature-based solutions to rise to this challenge and build resiliency. A first step currently underway is to conduct a study of our City of Buffalo shoreline and climate impacts, with past, present and future modeling, to identify key areas to build resiliency solutions. In addition, we are working with partners throughout the watershed to identify more ways to build resiliency. 

Coming from Buffalo, we know firsthand that building resiliency requires a community effort. Please join us by making a donation to support resilience building in our projects, programs and advocacy that will benefit our families and our community today and in the years to come.