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Environmental Stewards, the Next Generation

We are proud to share their stories, lessons and impact.

Something amazing happened this past August. We had the chance to reconnect with some of the graduates from Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper’s Young Environmental Leaders Program (YELP) 
It was so rewarding seeing many of the students we instructed, now in college, job training or the workforce, reflect with such positivity on their time spent in YELP. It reinforced that this program, just a drip in their lives, created a ripple of impact and action in their future 
YELP is life-changing for so many of the young people who complete it each year. By sharing hands-on experiences to learn the science behind our environmental challenges as well as the impact of community action, we empower students to do something about it. We also strive to expose students to fun recreational spaces and activities.
These students are our next generation of environmental stewards. Please consider making a donation because with your support, YELP will continue inspiring students to help build a brighter future for us in WNY.

YELP's Story

The Young Environmental Leaders Program (YELP) is an immersive place-based education and mentoring program for high school students residing in environmental justice communities. This program provides an opportunity for students interested in the STEM fields to earn college credits while gaining a heightened understanding of environmental principles while exploring local environmental issues.

At the heart of this program, we strive to cultivate environmental leaders who will inspire social change and fight for environmental justice. Students learn from local environmental experts and activists who provide career connections and showcase the impact of community action.

Upon completion of YELP, students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to become active participants and environmental leaders in their local community.