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‘Watershed 101’ Municipal Outreach

We created educational videos for the Lake Erie
Watershed Protection Alliance (LEWPA).

Watershed 101 Planning

Watershed 101

Designed with Supervisors and Mayors in mind, this gives an overview of watershed principles suitable for anyone in municipal or regional government. The video provides basic information about what a watershed is, how our actions affect our watershed, and what we can do to protect the health of our watershed. There’s also information about local entities that provide related assistance. (Approximately 20 minutes)

Watershed 101 for Planning, Zoning, and Town Boards 

This video begins like the Watershed 101 Overview video but describes tools that board members can use to address water quality issues. The video touches on common land uses and how they impact stormwater runoff and flooding and various planning tools that can be used to protect our water resources. There’s also information about local entities that provide assistance. (Approximately 20 minutes)

Successful Leadership

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