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Scajaquada September

A Month-Long Appreciation of Scajaquada Creek.

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper dedicates the month of September to recognize the history and promote the vision of restoration for Scajaquada Creek.

Check back at the start of August 2024 to see what we have in store for our fifth annual Scajaquada September celebration!
Waterkeeper’s vision is based upon the belief that water is the common thread which binds together community, economy, and ecology.
Today, Scajaquada Creek is a highly impaired waterway. However, the Creek is very important to the fabric of our community and the potential for a restored, healthy, and thriving Scajaquada is possible. Through patience, partnership, and perseverance, Western New Yorkers came together as a community to restore the Buffalo River; we can do it again for Scajaquada Creek.