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Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels are an important way for residents of Buffalo, Erie, and Niagara counties to conserve water and reduce the amount of polluted runoff entering our streams, creeks, rivers, and lakes.

Rain Barrels are considered a type of green infrastructure because they collect rainwater from rooftops that would otherwise be lost in the sewer. When excess water from rain or melting snow starts to flow, it finds its way to our stormwater drains. On its way, it picks up any materials or particles that it comes in contact with and carries them down the drain and into our waterways. These materials can include debris, soil, pesticides, fertilizers, engine oil, gasoline, grease, radiator fluid, litter, etc. These pollutants negatively impact our local water quality.

Rain Barrel 101

Note that we are no longer selling our rain barrels and diverters. Please check back in the spring to learn about other local rain barrel initiatives.
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