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In the next several days, New Yorkers have an incredible opportunity to protect clean water and strengthen our economy. This year’s state budget proposals include critical funding for environmental programs, which support hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs, protect the natural resources we all depend on, and create parks across the state. Importantly, the State Senate also included the Environmental Bond Act in their budget.

We need your help to ensure the Bond Act gets on the November ballot!

By passing the Bond Act, we can improve water quality, reduce air pollution, modernize water, wastewater, and transportation infrastructure, and protect communities from extreme heat, flooding, and drought. We need the Bond Act to protect the health, safety, and prosperity of all New Yorkers.

Will you send a message to your New York legislators right now? Thank you for your support!


Sample subject line: Help us pass the Environmental Bond Act today!

Sample email copy to state legislator:

Dear {State Senator or Assembly member},

Thank you for your support of environmental programs, which protect the natural resources we all depend on and play a critical role in our economy. I’m writing to ask you to ensure the Environmental Bond Act is included in this year’s budget. We can’t afford to miss this chance to create a safer future for our children and grandchildren.

The Environmental Bond Act would protect our clean water by helping communities make critical updates to water and sewer lines, maintain water treatment plants, and upgrade roads to ensure that our rivers, lakes, streams, and drinking water are safe and clean. The Bond Act would also reduce harmful pollution, improve public health, and restore wildlife habitat.

An AECOM report found that the $3 billion Bond Act would support 65,000 jobs and bring an estimated $6.7 billion in project spending to New York in the following ways:

· $775 million for projects that protect and restore open space, supporting 4,600 jobs

· $1 billion for projects that would mitigate climate change, supporting 11,500 jobs

· $3.25 billion to restore natural areas to reduce flooding, supporting 30,600 jobs

· $1.6 billion for clean water projects, supporting 18,000 jobs

The Bond Act would put New Yorkers back to work in good-paying jobs, strengthen local economies, and help communities safeguard residents and farmers from stronger storms, extreme heatwaves, and drought. Our children and grandchildren are counting on us to protect their future and we can’t afford to miss this opportunity.

Please make sure the Bond Act is included in the state budget and reauthorized for the November 2021 ballot.


{Constituent name}

{City/town, NY}