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The U.S. EPA announced that $5.6 million will be allocated to support Environmental Justice projects in Western New York.
Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper is one of four entities in the Great Lakes Basin awarded funds to oversee an innovative watershed partnership funding model. We look forward to collaborating with our local partners to direct federal funding into communities that need it the most.
What this means:
  • Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper (BNW) is the primary recipient and project lead, and we are partnering with the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, the Erie County Department of Environment and Planning and the Lake Erie Watershed Protection Alliance.
  • The two main goals include: Increasing community capacity within disadvantaged Lake Erie/Niagara River watershed communities, and accelerating the pace of environmental and ecosystem restoration within WNY.
  • BNW and our partners will develop an innovative watershed partnership funding model working closely with sub recipients across two grant cycles to implement up to 16 projects within designated communities in WNY. Each grant cycle will award between $50,000-$500,000 grant awards for a maximum of 16 projects totaling $3.3 million over 6 years
  • Key program elements include the creation of a Community Engagement Committee, a Grant Selection Committee, and professional development and training for potential sub-award recipients
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