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It’s cookout season! Looking to make your cookout more sustainable? Here’s how you can enjoy an outdoor gathering with the earth in mind!

Summer in WNY is fleeting, outdoor picnics and cookouts are a great way to make the most of the daylight and sun while it is here! Just because you are cooking outside doesn’t mean you need to use single use plastic or paper items. Not only are reusables more sustainable, but they are much sturdier and more effective for holding food. Whether you are in your backyard or at your favorite local beach, there are plenty of ways to throw a low waste cookout. 


Here are 4 tips to create a sustainable BBQ!

1. Ditch the single use. Utensils: Bring your everyday utensils with you outside, not only do they save valuable resources but they won’t break easily when you use them. 

Plates: Find some durable plates that you can use outside an extra bonus, these are sturdier and hold food better than their single use counterparts.

Opt for cloth napkins: Use dishcloths for messes!

Pack it up: Whether you are taking your outdoor feast on the go or storing leftovers, pack up in a food-safe glass, or stainless-steel container. 

2. Borrow before you buy. If you don’t have everything you need, check with friends to see what you can borrow or ask guests to BYO. 

3. Visit your local thrift store. See what sort of plates and other cookware you can find to use for your outdoor cooking and on the go picnics!

4. Designate space for refuse and dishes. Create an obvious system for everything so your guests know exactly where to put waste; a wash bin for dishes, a bag for recycling a place for compost and if you have any, a bag for trash. 

BONUS: Think about the tiny trash… that mindlessly gets littered.