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These chilling words came in a phone call from one of our volunteers, just a few short years ago. He was looking at water in a small creek. Petroleum had been spilled, and before long it was going to make its way to the nearby river. Thanks to our direct connection with the New York State Department of Conservation, crews were immediately dispatched to contain and remove that oil. Thanks to this call, it did not reach drinking water sources.  There was a time not so long ago when some extra petroleum in the river might not have raised many eyebrows. The Buffalo River was once called “a repulsive holding basin for municipal and industrial waste.” Yet look where we are today. After three decades of our hard work and leadership, the Buffalo River is reborn. There is more work to be done. There are still more impaired waterways in WNY, one poised for transformation the way the Buffalo River was. There are also laws and policies at the federal, state and local level that impact whether or not we can continue to protect what we have restored.  Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper’s work includes advocacy, fighting to keep our water clean for our families today and for generations to come. It is just as vital now as it was 30 years ago. Through our efforts at the federal, state and local levels, Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper advocates for legislation and policies to ensure drinkable, fishable, and accessible water for everyone.