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Buffalo Blueway Site Elements RFP

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper (BNW) is a community-based, not-for-profit organization that leads the Western New York region’s effort to safeguard water resources for present and future generations and connect them to the water. BNW received funding from New York State’s Empire State Development (ESD) to create and enhance water-based public access sites along the Buffalo Blueway which includes the Buffalo River, Lake Erie and the Black Rock Canal in Buffalo, NY.  

The Buffalo Blueway project will enhance, expand and create public access facilities along Buffalo’s waterfront to encourage paddling, boating, fishing, and passive recreation. These improved public access areas will connect the water-based Blueway trail system to landside Greenway trail systems. The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals to establish a contract through competitive negotiation for a qualified vendor (Vendor) to provide the design, fabrication, and installation of a variety of industrial steel themed waterfront site elements at multiple Blueway locations.  

Proposed site elements include, but are not limited to: metal public access facility trail markers featuring the Buffalo Blueway logo (“Blueway Markers”), metal landside “Beacons”, custom interpretive and wayfinding signs and/or signage frame/bases, custom benches, and other potential fabricated elements, as required, for no less than two, and up to twelve sites over the next three years.

This project has a goal of 30% inclusion of New York State certified Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) and encourages New York State certified MWBE entities to apply. BNW further encourages Vendors to include MWBE entities on their project teams at the same 30% goal. Vendors must utilize and document their Good Faith Efforts to retain MWBE entities as required by 5 NYCRR 142.8. With this solicitation, BNW intends to award one contract and does not anticipate awarding to multiple Vendors. However, BNW reserves the right to make multiple or partial awards if it is in the best interest of the project. All work performed for BNW must be accomplished with the protection of water resources and the environment in mind.

Read the full RFP below:

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