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BUI 11 Removal Report

The Buffalo River Remedial Advisory Committee invites you to read an important public document.

In 1987, the Buffalo River was listed as a hotspot of contamination in the Great Lakes, through the Area of Concern (AOC) program. In July, 2018, the Buffalo River RAC requested the removal of the “Degradation of Aesthetics” Beneficial Use Impairment (BUI). This BUI is given to waterways with excessive debris, oil sheens, or other causes which degrade the waterway. Included in this document are the completed actions and assessments which support the removal targets for this BUI. This request was granted, and the BUI was officially removed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in August, 2018.

For more information about the Buffalo River RAC or to become involved, contact Margaux Valenti, RAC Coordinator, at .

Read more about the actions taken to address and remove this BUI.