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New York Is a Great Lakes State!

Heading out to the beach for a day of paddling or boating… fishing along the shores… enjoying a sunset… turning on your faucet for a glass of water… The Great Lakes provide much more than aesthetic beauty or recreation. Lake Erie and Lake Ontario provide drinking water to 6.2 million New Yorkers.

As fortunate as we are to have these two vital bodies of water in our front yard, we also bear a great responsibility to protect them.

Our Great Lakes are hurting, and their health indicators are headed in the wrong direction. In 2020, our lakes still suffer from billions of gallons of raw sewage, increasing toxic algae blooms, and legacy and ongoing industrial pollution. Recent rollbacks in environmental protection for our nation’s waters and new policies that favor polluting industries and activities, have collectively put our communities and health at risk.

You can make the future brighter and our water cleaner. Your gift today is an investment in protecting our water as a basic human right.

If you have already made your gift, we are grateful for your support. If you have not yet given, we hope you will choose to stand with us as guardians for clean water, for the health of current and future generations.