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YELP Highlights

“YELP changed my life and changed my view on the environment. I decided to never use plastic bags again after learning about how plastic impacts wildlife and the environment.” – Owen
“Joining the Young Environmental Leaders Program (YELP) during high school was a great start to learning about the local environmental issues that are affecting everyone of us and discussing solutions among students for a better environment.One special memory that I still remember and enjoy was traveling to different river regions and taking samples of macroinvertebrates as a way to show us the importance of the stream health.” – Mohamed⁠

“YELP helped me understand more about the environmental issues and increased my personal sense of responsibility towards the environment. Now I am caring for nature, the environment, and the community!” -Amani

YELP exposed me to tangible local environmental issues that people life you and I have the ability to help resolve. Aside from meeting influential stewards and peers in our community, the engaging and exciting approach to these issues was most beneficial to me because it was the thinking required of me in college.” -Shahed

“Being involved in the Young Environmental Leaders Program really made me want to do environmental science as a career, and inspired me to get more involved with my community.” -Mira