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As a Great Lakes community, we have a great responsibility to protect and restore our water. Our work over the last 30 years created a resurgence for the Buffalo Niagara region – one of economic growth and prosperity. Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper has not only united partners from the non-profit, corporate, and government sectors, we’ve also brought in hundreds of millions of dollars from federal and state grants to complete the projects which have grown and restored our community; and there is continuing opportunity to bring in much more.  

However, our coordination for restoration projects, putting boots on the ground, and listening and bringing your voices to the table are not covered by these grants.

This is where every neighbor can do their part to continue the work to restore our waterways and revitalize our region. In this unprecedented and troubling time of a global health crisis, our environmental challenges remain and our need grows for clean, accessible water and ecosystems. Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper is committed to the protection of our water resources despite these challenges, but we need your help. If you haven’t donated to Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper yet in 2020, please make your donation today to ensure a healthier and more prosperous tomorrow for our families and our community.

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