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Virtual Earth Day

Enjoying the outdoors? Taking more walks along local waterways? Here are some ways to honor the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.

Participate in the Solo Sweep

The #SoloSweep is the perfect opportunity to clean up litter along the waterways. While we can’t get together with 2,000 other volunteers this spring for the Spring Shoreline Sweep, we can still make a huge difference in our watershed while practicing social distancing. Learn about how you can safely get involved, fundraise for our local drinking water, and enter for a chance to win here.

Share your Citizen Science through the Water Reporter App

1. Download the Water Reporter App to your smart phone or tablet. The app is free!

2. Sign-up for an account. Join our organization during the on-boarding process. Search for Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper. You should see our name and logo.

3. When you’re outside, create posts and use the following hashtags:

  • #plasticpollution
  • #waterquality
  • #wildlife

4. Tag @bnwaterkeeper in your post and select the location your photo was taken.

Donate to Our Organization

Our organization has spent over 30 years being an advocate for our local waterways. If you feel as though the safest thing for you to do this season is to stay indoors, you can still make a difference virtually by donate to our organization or starting a fundraiser to continue to protect our local waterways.