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In the City of Good Neighbors, we look out for each other. We look forward to a day when it is safe for all of us to drink, fish, and access our waterways , but we are not there yet.

Read a letter from our Community Engagement Coordinator, Claudia! Our Education & Engagement initiative provides us opportunities to educate our community on the health of our waterways, local fish that can be caught in WNY, and how to make healthy choices.

With materials available in six different languages, we can reach even more of our neighbors with this critical information. Your donation helps us spread the word!

With your continued support, we can empower and educate our neighbors to make healthy choices. Together, we can work on the larger infastructure problems that affect the health of our water and in turn, the health of our community. It is our water, for our families, our neighbors and our community – please join us in facing this challenge for a healthier future for all by making a gift today.