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River Reborn – NYS Conservationist Piece on the Buffalo River Revival

River Reborn – The NYS DEC’s Kristen Davidson, Damianos Skaros, Jane Edgington and Anna Svirgun examine the once “dead” Buffalo River and its remarkable recovery. The article focuses on the industrial history of the Buffalo River and the unintended severe long term effects. The authors focus on the early efforts to “revive” the waterway, which includes the identification of specific problems and clean-up solutions. The Conservationist does an outstanding job identifying the decades of work that has been put into the Buffalo River to bring the ecosystem back to life including building natural fish-sheltering structures and planting 80,000 native plants.

The Conservationist highlights the work of Buffalo Niagara WATERKEEPER throughout this project, focusing on how a “clean, accessible environment can transform a community…” This would not be possible without our many public and private partners that have made and continue to make the Buffalo River Restoration possible!

Just a reminder that you can continue to protect and restore our region’s waterways by signing up for our Shoreline Sweep, which will be taking place on April 22nd, 2017 at


Read the whole article here: Conservationist: River Reborn